Community of Friends

If you find a faithful friend you have found a treasure.

Hayward Area Memorial Hospital has many faithful friends among staff, community members and area visitors.

Community of Friends is a Hayward Area Memorial Giving Society that exists to further our healthcare mission. It helps fund the services, capital projects and growth needed to care for the population in our area.

We invite you to become a member to assure that medical and physical care of the highest quality will always be here.

Our healthcare facilities are located on beautifully wooded land and we are committed to using it for the health of all people.

We are dedicated to improving the daily lives of those who need our care and make their home with us, by bringing them Water’s Edge Senior Living Community.

Water’s Edge includes a long term care facility with 50 private rooms. For those who may require some assistance to continue to live independently the Assisted Living provides that opportunity. We are happy to provide comfort, safety, choices and the pleasures of living in one’s home to those who call Water’s Edge home.

Your tax deductible contribution will help us continue to pursue our mission, “To continuously improve the health status of the people of the Hayward area.”

If you wish to join Community of Friends:
Send your check or inquiry to:
Community of Friends
Hayward Area Memorial Hospital
11040 N State Rd 77
Hayward WI  54843

Or call the Marketing & Communications Department at 715-934-4325.

Gift Categories

Visionary Member

Distinguished Member
$10,000 to $100,000

Dedicated Member
$1,000 to $10,000

Supporting Member
Up to $1,000

Hayward Memorial Hospital - Community of Friends