Mission • Vision • Values

Our Mission

Our mission is to continuously improve the health status of the people of the Hayward Area.

Vision for Hospital and Clinical Services

We envision ourselves as a coordinator of care for the residents of the area and visitors to the area. We will strive to develop a health care campus which will provide physician care, outpatient care, acute care, long term care, hospice and home care services.  These services will be coordinated in such a way as to avoid unnecessary duplication and cost. Our local focus will be primary care and coordination of that care.  We will also encourage the local provision of specialty services, which are cost effective to offer, in order to minimize the need for travel out of the community. We will provide health education programs and encourage good health practices. We will find a way to utilize the natural resources of our site to encourage good health habits. Above all, we will make decisions in an ethical manner, with the best interests of the community in mind.

Vision for Senior Care Services

Our vision is to be a premier provider of residential and

Water’s Edge Main Entrance

healthcare services for the senior members of our community.  We hope to create an environment where choices are respected, good health is promoted and independence is encouraged.  We will accomplish this through well designed facilities, and well trained staff members.  We will encourage elders to remain in their own home for as long as possible and when the need arises, assist them to choose other options.  We  understand that we will need to continuously assess our services to best utilize resources in light of available funding.  We further understand that life is a journey and our facilities and programs are important only as steps in that journey.  We envision a community of elders, living in serenity by the lake….in a place that is truly Home Again.



Prevention – We believe that health care begins with prevention.We educate people so they have the tools needed to take responsibility for their own health.

Respect – We believe every patient should be treated with dignity and respect regardless of their background or ability to pay.

Value – We provide a welcoming environment to all, at the lowest cost possible, without compromising quality.

Quality – We believe every patient deserves quality care. We support a continuous quality assessment process that provides systematic improvement of services and outcomes.

Communication – We believe quality care comes with contributions from the entire healthcare team. We promote open, honest communication to solve healthcare problems.

Education – We believe education is the cornerstone of staff quality. We support professional development and encourage the use of our facility as a training resource for healthcare students.