Al Bowman, Director of Rehabilitation Services – DPT

al-bowmanAl earned his Masters degree in Physical Therapy from the College of St. Scholastica in 1997. In 2005 he earned his Doctorate degree from Arizona School of Health Sciences. Over the past 20 years, Al has done extensive training to hone his skills in Orthopedic, Spine & Vestibular rehab.

Al became certified in Vestibular Rehab in 1999 and has taken many continuing education courses in balance assessment & fall prevention. As the Vice President on the Vestibular Disorders Board of Directors, Al helped both patients and balance experts around the entire country.

Al’s specialty training in treating the spine, earned him certification in Mechanical Diagnosis & Therapy from The McKenzie Institute in 2007.

Al completed many of the advanced osteopathic manual medicine courses with Michigan State University. Muscle Energy Techniques, Strain Counter-Strain, Mobilization, and Manipulations are just a few of the manual therapy skills that help restore proper alignment and tone.

In 2015 Al became certified in Dry Needling through the American Academy of Manipulative Therapy and Dry Needling Institute. Dry needling is a great treatment option to stop the pain cycle from muscular tension and spasm.

He is passionate about Sports Medicine and helping injured athletes or weekend warriors return to play. As an ex-collegiate hockey player and current Nordic skier and road biker, Al understands the challenges of an active lifestyle!