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Celebrating Healthcare Week

Celebrating Healthcare Week

Happy healthcare week! At Hayward Area Memorial Hospital & Water’s Edge, we use this week to combine three recognition events into one monumental celebration. Healthcare week is a chance to celebrate and recognize all the individuals making a difference. To our own Hayward Area Memorial Hospital & Water’s Edge employees… thank you. It is because of who you are and the work you do, that we not only continue to grow, we continue to thrive.


National Hospital Week

Each year, hospitals everywhere celebrate National Hospital Week, a week dedicated to recognizing the important roles hospitals play in our communities and, most importantly, to celebrate EVERY person and the contributions they make.

To the physicians, providers, nurses, aides, therapists, pharmacy workers, lab staff and many others who provide compassionate care our patients, we thank you. Your work is not easy, but you do it with compassion, dedication and professionalism.

Thank you to our building operations and environmental services teams. Without you we could do nothing. Your contributions are vital to everyone who visits, lives and works here.

To all who work in food service—whether it’s cooking, washing dishes or serving meals, your efforts make a difference every day for our patients, residents, tenants, staff and visitors. Thank you for the important work you do to fuel us, bring us together and provide a place to recharge.

From greeting our patients and visitors at the hospital, to providing activities and companionship to those who live in Water’s Edge. We thank our volunteers for sharing their time and talents with our patients, residents and tenants.

To those working in patient access, scheduling and answering the phone, thank you for helping our patients receive the care they need with kindness and sensitivity. You set the tone and often provide our patients their first experience with us.

Thank you to our administrative team for your dedication, allowing our organization to run smoothly. Your work behind the scenes ensures that our staff and providers have the resources they need. To our board of directors, this is your week too. Thank you for making us a respected leader in improving the health and wellbeing of our community.

The kick-off celebration is a breakfast for our employees, including omelets made-to-order by our supportive administration team. This has become a wonderful tradition here at Hayward Area Memorial Hospital & Water’s Edge!


National Nurses Week

During National Nurses Week we honor all varying nursing roles and their impact on our lives. Today and every day nurses provide vital care with compassion and dedication. When nurses arrive for their shifts they do not know what they day will bring – but each day they bring expertise, caring and compassion.

Nurses make a difference to patients and families when they need them most. To the nurses providing bedside care, creating new processes, or providing training to prepare our teams for any challenges they may face, we thank you and appreciate all you do every day.

Employees enjoy a sunny day on the patio during the annual Healthcare Week cookout.


National Skilled Nursing Care Week

National Skilled Nursing Care Week celebrates the important role that skilled nursing care centers and the people who work in them play in providing 24-hour nursing care to our community’s seniors.

Skilled nursing communities do more than simply providing care for residents and tenants. They are engaging homes for senior’s filled with activities, social events, therapy programs, entertainment and nutritious dining.

Those working in long term care settings such as our own Water’s Edge help create a positive environment, work diligently and are responsible for medications and personal assistance. They develop a sense of connection with residents, tenants and their families. They care for our seniors at an important time in their lives and go above and beyond to make sure they are comfortable, engaged and happy.

Thank you to each and every employee providing care in Water’s Edge for your dedication and great work in caring for and protecting our residents and tenants.



As a rural, independent hospital and senior living facility we provide care as it should be – centered on the goals and wellbeing of our patients, residents, tenants and our community. We would also like to extend a thank to our community. Thank you for trusting us and allowing us to care for you and your families.


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