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Celebrating Social Workers

Celebrating Social Workers

Modern day superheroes

When a medical emergency arises, hospitals are here to help. Our physicians choose treatments and perform procedures, while our nurses provide life-saving care. But there are many more people behind-the-scenes who are part of a patient’s care team that have just as profound of an impact on someone’s wellbeing. One of these is social work.

The team of Social Work heroes at Hayward Area Memorial Hospital & Water’s Edge.

Our team of social workers here at Hayward Area Memorial Hospital & Water’s Edge truly make a difference in people’s lives. Social workers spends their days, nights, and weekends helping patients and their families find solutions to a wide array of problems. It’s a very diverse field of work, as problems come in many different shapes and sizes whether it be economic, psychological, or physical. But the myriad of duties revolves around one common mission… our social workers are people dedicated to helping patients achieve their own potential.

They advocate for children, the vulnerable and elderly, protecting them from abuse and supporting them to live independently. Likewise, social workers can help find additional help when living on their own is no longer the safest option. Social workers find food and clothing if needed, and make sure our community members have access to healthcare.

On behalf of our Hayward Lakes area, a huge thank you to the social workers both here at Hayward Area Memorial Hospital & Water’s Edge, and our community. Your empathy and compassion saves lives, and your patience and endless advocacy for others is admired. You are modern day superheroes!


Did you know March is Social Work Month? For more information about social workers, visit the National Association of Social Workers at socialworkers.org.

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