Complimentary Baby Boxes Available at HAMH

Hayward Area Memorial Hospital is excited to offer a Baby Box to all new or expecting parents. The boxes are provided by the Baby Box Company and were designed to deliver educational resources and to provide a safe infant sleep space. The Baby Box idea comes from Finland and is used as a first bed for infants in an effort to decrease infant death.

In order to receive a Baby Box, go online to to create an account. After creating the account you must select your syllabus, please choose “U.S. Babies Need Boxes” and watch all of the educational videos, this will take approximately 15 to 20 minutes.

Once you complete the education, you can print off a certificate and bring it to HAMH. When you arrive at the registration desk, please ask to see an OB nurse.

HAMH has partnered with the Hayward Rotary and Knights of Columbus in order purchase supplies for you and your baby. A gift bag will be given to all who receive a Baby Box at HAMH.