Hospital Trail – Winter Use

The Hayward Area Memorial Hospital property hosts many miles of trails open to a variety of uses. In the summer, the trails are all open to: walking, running, and biking. Dog walking is one of the favorite activities on these trails.

Come snow season, however, only specific uses are permitted on the respective trails. Users should know and respect which uses are appropriate for the three different trail systems available. We hope the following information will help clarify permitted uses during the winter.


The Chequamegon Area Mountain Bike Association (CAMBA) has partnered with the Hayward Area Memorial Hospital to build 3.5 miles of single-track mountain bike trails with a trailhead located in the northwest corner of the Essentia Health Clinic parking lot. In the winter these trails are machine groomed for fat bike riding. Most of these trails are one-directional. Bikers must have tires of a minimum of 3.5 inches in diameter. Walkers are allowed, but must wear snowshoes. This is to prevent “post holing,” punching deep holes in the track, and ruining the groomed trail. Dogs are not allowed during the snow-grooming season. Bikers should be sensitive to recent fresh snow and grooming. If the trails are ridden too soon after grooming, damage can occur, ruining the experience for other riders. The same consideration holds true during periods of warmer temperatures.


The Hayward Area Ski Trails Association (HASTA) grooms several miles of ski trails on the Hospital property with the trailhead located off Hospital Road. These ski trails are for classic skiing only; skating technique is prohibited. Dogs, walking, snowshoeing, or biking are not permitted during the ski-grooming season on the groomed ski trails.

There are also dedicated snowshoeing and walking trails on Hospital property. The snowshoe trailhead is also located off Hospital Road. Dogs are allowed on the snowshoe trail and dog walking is a very popular activity during the winter on these trails. Bikes are not permitted on the snowshoe trails during the winter.

Please respect the different uses for these trails during our snow-grooming season. We want everyone to enjoy the outdoors by participating in healthy lifestyle activities. We encourage you to join and support the organizations that have developed and maintain these trails.