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Now Offering Office Ergonomic Assessments

Our Rehab Services team is now offering Office Ergonomic Assessments. This is an exciting new service we are offering through our new Industrial Rehab Program to help prevent worker injury. An ergonomic assessment is completed to improve the relationship between the worker, the work, and the workspace. This assessment results in feasible recommendations to make the workplace more comfortable, successful, and safe.

Office ergonomic assessments are for any workers that work primarily at one work station. Examples may include: billers, accounting, payroll, receptionists, supervisors, administrative positions, etc. Beyond adjustments to current space and feasible recommendations for improvements, our office ergonomic assessments also include education of the worker, ending measurements taken for reference, a follow up appointment, and a comprehensive report.

Our worker education includes: adjustments made and instructions of how to make the adjustments, the 30/30 Rule of Physical Movement, Office stretches and exercises, Upright Keyboard position and conversation position, common keyboard shortcuts, cleaning computer screen(s), and proper set up of dual monitors. An initial office ergonomic assessment averages about an hour in duration.

If you have a questions regarding the service contact:
Katelyn J. Rhyner, PTA
Phone: 715-934-4341

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