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Offering Specialized Programs for Worker’s Compensation Patients

Are you an injured worker? Not sure how to recover from your injury? Struggling to return to work? Well, Rehab Services is here to help!

Marja Lietzan, PT and Kate Rhyner, PTA are Workwell providers; educated specifically in treatment of injured workers, as well as worker injury prevention. Our team has been working hard to provide a comprehensive approach to the treatment of injured workers, with our goal being to return workers to work as safely and quickly as possible. In additional to Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy, and Wound Care; our team now offers work hardening/work conditioning, office ergonomic assessments, and functional testing.

Work Hardening & Conditioning

Work hardening/work conditioning is an individualized program that helps bridge the gap between therapy a few times a week for 45 minutes an appointment to working 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. All work hardening/work conditioning individualized programs include work simulation(s) and may also include: aerobics, strengthening, stretching, and balance activities.

Office Ergonomics

Office ergonomic assessments are used to increase the worker’s comfort and safety while working. This is accomplished by assessing the relationship between the worker, the work, and the workspace. Our assessments include adjustments, education of the adjustments, feasible recommendations for further improvement, worker education, ending measurements, a follow up appointment, and a comprehensive report.

Functional Testing

We also offer multiple kinds of functional testing. Some functional testing is included throughout your Physical Therapy treatments as well as work hardening/work conditioning. One of the many ways we communicate with other providers throughout the course of treatment is through return to work recommendations, based off the results of the functional testing. Based off a current job description, we are also able to do job specific testing to help ensure you are safe to return to work. We also provide functional testing that can help determine what level of work you are safe to do, if you aren’t safe to return to your prior job.

So, if you are an injured worker in need of some help, please contact us so we can help you recover!

To schedule an appointment call 715-934-4232 If you have any questions about the services we provide, including injury prevention, please contact Kate Rhyner at 715-934-4341 or kjrhyner@hamhwe.com.

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