Journey Through Parenthood Program

Supporting your journey from pregnancy to parenthood.

Preparing to welcome your bundle of joy can be overwhelming. We’d like to help. This is an exciting time in your life! Our Journey Through Parenthood Program is designed to help you during your pregnancy to get ready to welcome your new baby and when you go home after delivery.

About the Program

After you call and sign up for the program, we will send you a packet of information designed to fit your needs and set up a visit at the Family Birthplace. During the visit you can start to fill out your paperwork, learn about the services we offer and discuss your birth plan. You will also be able to tour the Family Birthplace. You will also have the opportunity to pre-register, streamlining your arrival when you come in during labor.


This isn’t my first baby – why should I participate?
It will help speed up the admission process and increase the time you get to spend with your new baby. Most of our admission questions, education and paperwork can be done before you ever get to the hospital! It is a convenient way to learn about any updates since your last delivery.

How do I get started?
Fill out the release of information form with your most up to date contact information so we can call you in your second trimester and start talking about what you might want or need.

What is I am not planning on delivering at the Family Birthplace of HAMH?
We would still love to see you! We can work with you to help you get educational, wellness or supportive services in the community. You’ll have the added benefit of having pre-admit paperwork done to speed up the process if you need to be seen at the Family Birthplace prior to your delivery!

What about after I go home?
We will continue to follow up with you for the first year, and help to connect you with services that you may need or want during that time.