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Lifeline Services

Personal Response System


Lifeline is a personal response system that allows a person to get help with the push of a button, even if they can’t get to a phone. This service is one more way we are supporting the seniors in our community, allowing them to live independently, in their homes, as long as possible while ensuring their safety, along with the peace of mind for their loved ones.

About Lifeline

It is a waterproof lightweight button worn by the subscriber. When the button is pressed, it connects to a 24/7 response center.

**NOTE: With the AutoAlert option, your button will automatically place a call for help if a fall is detected, even if you are unable to push your button.**

The system has a speakerphone so monitoring staff can talk to the user without using the phone. A Lifeline response associate will access your profile and assess the situation. The response associate will contact responders for you, and if necessary, dispatch appropriate emergency personnel. A responder does not need medical training.

Each system has a back-up battery that provides 24 hours of power if the electricity should go out. Each month, the user is asked to press the button they wear to make sure the system is functioning properly and has not become unplugged in the normal activity of a household.

Choosing the Correct System

HomeSafe: This is Lifeline’s standard system. When help is needed, the subscriber pushes the button they are wearing to contact the 24/7 response center. It is only meant to work within and near the home (approximately 200 feet from the base unit.)

HomeSafe with Auto Alert: This system works exactly like the system above with an added layer of protection. The button has a mechanism that can detect falls with 95% accuracy. If a fall is detected and the subscriber cannot respond or right themselves within 30 seconds, the button will automatically place a call to the 24/7 response center. This system is also only meant to work within and near the home (approximately 200 feet from the base unit.)

GoSafe2: This system is designed for the subscriber who is on the go. A speaker is installed in the back of the button for direct communication with the response center, even when away from home. GoSafe has six locating technologies which operate using AT&T service towers. It is not guaranteed that the service will be accessible in all areas. Only a limited number of systems are available.

Landline or Wireless:
• Landline systems require a home phone with long distance service. Landline systems cannot operate when the phone service is down or disconnected.
• Wireless systems operate using AT&T service towers. It is not guaranteed that service will be accessible in all areas of the house or surrounding areas.

Costs & Fees

The installation cost for all Lifeline systems is $45.00. Acceptable forms of payment include: checks and auto withdrawal from a checking or savings account.

Landline Wireless
HomeSafe $29.95/month $41.95/month
HomeSafe w/ AutoAlert $44.95/month $56.95/month
GoSafe2 Not Available $44.95/month

Medicare, Medicaid, and most insurance companies do not cover the cost of personal emergency response systems. (i.e. Lifeline)

Get Started

The user should fill out the forms below. Follow the “Instructions” document in order to complete forms accurately. Turn in completed forms via mail, fax, email, or hand deliver to Hayward Area Memorial Hospital front desk to:

Ann Kozak, Community Services Coordinator
Hayward Area Memorial Hospital

11040 N State Rd 77
Hayward WI 54843
P: 715-934-4323
F: 1-608-512-0076

The Lifeline Coordinator will contact you upon receiving the paperwork to set up an installation date within 7-10 days. Note: Installation may vary depending if requested Lifeline system is in stock or needs to be ordered.

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