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Donation Assists with Fuel Costs

Fuel Cards donated in memory of Chuck Thrasher

Donation Assists with Fuel Costs

Patients who are in need of cancer treatments receive fuel cards to help with transportation costs, thanks to a generous donation from a former patient’s family.






Many patients travel to receive care, and they are doing this sometimes 2 or 3 times a week. This can add up at the gas pump. The fuel cards will provide lots of people with some peace of mind during a difficult time in their lives.

Michelle Thrasher (second from left) awards a stack of fuel gift cards to Hayward Infusion and Oncology nurses.

Jessica Gaylord, an Infusion and Oncology Nurse, says patients are so grateful and many plan to try to pay it forward.

“This is so kind,” a tearful patient exclaims.

Another patient admits, “I won’t have to worry about buying gas this week to get to my appointments.”

This is all made possible by the family of the late Chuck Thrasher of Stone Lake. Needing cancer treatments himself, staying local for treatment was a huge advantage. Chuck didn’t have to travel to Eau Claire or Duluth for quality care.

Oncology services at Hayward Area Memorial Hospital are provided by Mayo Clinic Health System. This allows those needing cancer care to receive care locally. If chemotherapy is needed, it can be administered right here.

Patients in our region also have treatment options in Ashland. Northwest Wisconsin Cancer Center (NWCC) of Memorial Medical Center, in collaboration with Essentia Health, offers comprehensive cancer care including the very latest in treatments and technology. NWCC provides expert cancer care by providing both Medical Oncology and Radiation Oncology treatments.

NWCC Nurses in Ashland, WI

Michelle Thrasher, Chuck’s wife explains, the expensive but necessary travel was a burden despite the local care. As a motorcycle enthusiast, a memorial ride was the perfect way to honor his memory and raise money to help others. The ride, hosted by Ray Jay’s of Hayward, raised enough money to purchase fuel gift cards for 130 people total. “This is what Chuck would have wanted,” Michelle says. “He was always so thoughtful [of others].”

With the current high fuel prices, this gift is even more special.

“Please tell the family thank you and God Bless”.

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