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Tips from our HR Team

Tips from our HR Team

Interested in a new career with us? Following these tips will give you the edge!


Claire Hessel, Human Resources Generalist

The process of submitting an application can be daunting. It requires preparation, time, and research. We sat down with Human Resources Generalist Claire Hessel to get insider information on how she chooses who to hire.

Claire has been reviewing applications and hiring at Hayward Area Memorial Hospital & Water’s Edge since June of 2021. She specializes in the clinical positions, but says these tips are relevant for our professional openings as well. The hiring process is broken down into three parts––first, the application. Second, the interview. Lastly, the decision to hire.



The application process of hiring consists of someone submitting a résumé and filling out the long form application. If you can do this successfully, it’s your ticket in to meet our HR team and your potential future manager.


Tip #1: Complete a Résumé

Adding a résumé shows professionalism, and all job seekers should have one. “Even if you’re a high school student, we expect a résumé,” Claire says. “There’s ton of free templates online to get anyone started.”


Tip #2: Explain the Gaps

Many people have gaps in their employment history for a myriad of reasons. It’s helpful to HR if you can explain what you were doing during those gaps, and what you learned. For example, if you spent 18 years as a stay-at-home mom, list that as you would any other job. Explain the skills (such as time management and multi-tasking) you acquired, volunteering, and how you grew as a person.


Tip #3: Don’t Skip References

Your references will be contacted after the interview process, and you’ll have plenty of time to let them know. But we’re going to need to check them. We call your references, so please provide them up front. Do not skip this part and simply put available upon request–we’re requesting now.


Tip #4: Double-Check for Typos

For Claire, this is a simple step that can cause a lot of headaches for her department. “There have been times when someone’s phone number or email is incorrect due to a typo, and we aren’t able to contact that person.”


Tip #5: Have Voicemail

Make sure you provide accurate contact information and have an inbox that can take voicemails. Additionally, if your voicemail box is full we aren’t able to leave a message. Always double check your contact information!




Congratulations! At this point, you are a viable candidate and we are strongly considering you to have on our team. As a finalist for the position, you’ll want to put your best foot forward.


Tip #1: Be On Time

Show up on time, or even a few minutes early. The HR team runs on a very busy, tight schedule––please don’t make them wait. If you’re not sure where the interview is taking place, call HR to confirm. We’re happy to clarify.


Tip #2: Appearance and Attitude

Dress nice. Depending on the position, not everyone needs to show up in business attire. However, nice pants, appropriate shirts, holes/stains should be avoided. You should also be positive and polite. “Someone’s attitude and how they handle themselves in an interview is going to make an impression,” says Claire. “You want the impression to be positive!”


Tip #3: Google Behavior-based Interview Questions

“Tell me about a time when… Give me a specific example of how to you handled…” This is insider information––by Googling this phrase, we’re letting you know a big majority of what the HR team is going to ask! Be specific and really try to think of any example that seems relevant. Prior work experience, school projects, sports, volunteerism, all of those experiences provide ample results for behavior based interviewing.


Tip #4: Research the Facility

When conducting an interview, Claire likes knowing you took a few minutes to familiarize yourself with Hayward Area Memorial Hospital & Water’s Edge. This leaves a great impression.


Tip #5: Sell Yourself

This is not a time to be modest. Make us understand why Hayward Area Memorial Hospital & Water’s Edge will be a better place with you here! Be confident in your skills, past experiences, teamwork, communication abilities. When it comes to an interview don’t view it as bragging about your accomplishments. You should be showcasing who you are and what you will bring to the table.


Decision to Hire

Post-interview with all the candidates, the department manager and HR team will meet to decide who to give a job offer. Sometimes we have multiple candidates for the same position who we feel could perform the job well. Other times none of our candidates check all the boxes, and the position remains open.

As Claire explains, finding the right fit is more important than filling the position. “If someone comes in with a negative attitude, doesn’t show much interest in engaging in conversation, speaks negatively of past employers or coworkers consistently, swears, those types of things are reg flags. We won’t offer that person a job, even if there are no other candidates.”

Overall, we’re looking for the best fit for the team––someone with the right experience, a positive outlook, and someone who wants to grow with us.



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View our open positions and use these tips to get the job you love!



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