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Visitor Policy During COVID-19

Visitor Policy During COVID-19

Family and visitors play an integral role in patient care and wellbeing. With this in mind we will continue to review and adjust our visitor policy with safety as our top priority. Our current policy is as follows:

Visitor Requirements:

  • All patients and visitors will be screened at the front entrance and must use this entrance when entering and exiting the facility.
  • Visitors will be issued a mask and it MUST be worn at all times.
  • Visitors will be given a visitor bracelet. It should be worn for the duration of the patient’s stay so you can be easily identified upon entrance.
  • Visitors should not wander the campus and should remain in the patient’s room.
  • If visitors are unable or unwilling to comply with the requirements, they may be asked to leave.

Patients may have one well adult visitor for the duration of their stay in the following areas:

  • Medical/Surgical Inpatient Care
  • Surgery/Outpatient Care Unit
  • Infusion/Chemotherapy

OB Patients:

  • OB Patients may have two well support people during labor and delivery and one of the designated support people may stay with the patient postpartum.
  • OB Patients receiving an ultrasound may have one well visitor accompany them.

The following areas are NOT allowing visitors at this time (due to patient safety concerns and space to safely social distance):

  • Emergency Department
  • Urgent Care
  • Rehabilitation
  • Lab
  • Radiology/Imaging
  • Specialty Services
  • Medical/Surgical Inpatient Respiratory Unit
  • Water’s Edge

Our care team will take into consideration individual patient situations when considering exceptions to the Visitor Policy.

As with all policies and procedures, during this pandemic, we are prepared to implement increased restrictions for the safety of our patients, visitors and staff at any time.

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